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The annual Business Summit Event hosted by the Workforce & Business Development Program (W&B) at the Community Action Committee of Pike County (CAC) is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 22nd, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at the scenic Twin Lakes Resort, located at 273 Tackett Lane in Piketon. This year's theme, "Becoming More in 2024," captures the essence of growth and development for businesses and individuals by offering attendees valuable insights and strategies to enhance their professional journey.

This year’s theme of "Becoming MORE" represents becoming Motivated, Optimistic, Resilient, and Empowered – the core pillars of success and achievement in the business world. Attendees can expect to gain invaluable knowledge on setting and finding motivation to achieve goals, understanding the current data of labor shortages across industries to foster optimism about the workforce, implementing strategies for financial resilience within their businesses, and empowering both themselves and their staff for enhanced productivity and success.

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Twin Lakes Resort
273 Tacket Lane, Piketon



Arrival & Breakfast



Welcome & Kick-Off


9:15 - 10:15a

Session 1: Goal Setting & Goal Getting

Presenters: Lisa Pfeifer, Erica Jones, and Adam Days


10:15 - 10:30a

Break & Networking


10:30 - 11:30a

Session 2: Where Are Where All of the Workers?

Presenter: John Trott


11:30a - 12:30p

Lunch & Networking


12:30 - 1:30p

Session 3: Building Financial Resilience - Practical Tips for Strengthening Your Business

Presenter: Susan Gearhart


1:30 - 1:45p

Break & Networking


1:45 - 2:45p

Session 4: Empowering Yourself & Your Team

Presenter: Debra Bettendorf


2:45 - 3p

Wrap-Up & Dismissal

Session 2: Where Are All of the Workers?

Are you facing staffing shortages? This presentation unveils eye-opening data on the current wave of employee movement. Don't miss out! This presentation equips you with the knowledge to navigate the changing workforce and build a thriving team.

Session 3: Building Financial Resilience

In today's dynamic business landscape, unforeseen events can erupt like sudden storms, threatening to capsize even the most well-established companies. The good news? You can build a financial fortress against these storms, by implementing strategic financial resilience practices. This presentation delves into the essential tools and knowledge to safeguard your business, year-round.

Session 1: Goal Setting & Goal Getting

Unlock Your Potential and Master Goal Setting and Goal-Getting. In this empowering presentation, you'll discover a step-by-step approach to transform your aspirations into achievements. Leave this session equipped with the tools and confidence to set and achieve any goal you set your mind to!

Session 4: Empowering Yourself and Your Team

Unleash Your Potential: Overcoming Challenges and Empowering Your Team This presentation equips you and your staff with the tools to conquer daily obstacles and reach new heights. Leave feeling empowered to address any situation and propel yourself and your staff towards success!

Meet The Speakers


John Trott is the Executive Director of the Greater Ohio Workforce Board (also known as Area 7 Workforce Board) supporting 43 member counties. The Board oversees the investment of federal workforce dollars in businesses and job seekers, operating a network of OhioMeansJobs Centers in one of the nation’s largest workforce regions with an average annual budget of $35 million. He is also a charter member and past president of the Ohio Workforce Association – an organization dedicated to advocating the importance of locally designed and operated workforce programs. John has spent over 30 years working in federal, state, and local workforce programs.

John started his career in Ohio State Government as a legislative aide in the Ohio House of Representatives. As head of Local Operations at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, he oversaw the complete restructuring of unemployment insurance delivery in Ohio by closing the state’s 60+ unemployment offices and shifting services exclusively to Internet and call centers. He has a Business Degree in Economics and International Business from the Ohio State University.

Susan Gearhart_JBJ4010 prof pic.jpg
Susan Gearhart

As her third career, Susan has worked the past 24 years as a business and agricultural banker and is presently a Sr. Vice President for Kingston National Bank in Chillicothe. Having spent the first half of her life actively engaged in dairy, beef and grain farming in Ross County, life events forced a return to college and a change in direction.

Before banking, Susan held temporary jobs at Kenworth & PPG in accounting and then served as controller for an area automotive group. She has also served in various leadership roles within the community and her church and is currently assisting with financial management of her family’s businesses.


Debra Shoults Bettendorf (Debbie) started FIND YOUR FABULOUS, a personal fashion stylist business in 2015. She enjoys working with male and female clients from ages 13-85! She also started Shoults & Bettendorf Corp. in 2018 that involves marketing and advertising for other small businesses. In 2021, Debbie wrote her first book called, FIND YOUR FABULOUS (Love Yourself on the Inside and Look Great on the Outside), which was inspired by her styling business and what she has learned about herself along the way. Debbie wrote a light and easy read for busy people on the go and to remind them that clothes are fun, but it isn’t just about what we wear, it is what is on the inside.

In 2022, Debbie started a podcast called FIND IT where she has guests from all over the world come on and talk about what they have found in life. This podcast has opened doors for her, and she has been on many shows as a guest and also was asked to co-host, “Hey I’m Talkin’ Here” with a former famous stand-up comedian, Steve Rizzo. In 2023, Debbie co-authored a book called Amazing Woman Divine Legacy, and it has been on the Bestseller list.


Debbie is currently working on her new venture. She opened an online boutique called Studio 11 Style: On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11! on October 1st, 2023. She is enjoying pushing herself out of her comfort zone and living her life to the fullest.

Pfeifer, Lisa Photo 2022.jpg
Lisa Pfeifer

Lisa is the Workforce & Business Development (W&B) Director and has over 30 years of experience in marketing, promotion, recruitment, computer applications, classroom training, and public relations. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Strategic Leadership from Ohio University’s College of Business.


Lisa oversees the operations of the W&B Program and OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) Pike County. She is also certified by the National Development Council as an Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP). She provides classroom instruction, one-on-one small business counseling, technical assistance, and loan packaging and underwriting.

Erica - Headshot.png

Erica Jones is the Business Resource Network (BRN) and OMJ Supervisor and provides support to area businesses, gathers information about their needs, and then connects them to resources and incentives gathered from a network of BRN partners. Erica has an Associate’s Degree from Shawnee State University and is the OhioMeansJobs (OMJ) Pike County Career Center Supervisor. Erica’s BRN and OMJ experience has provided excellent networking opportunities and a very close, intimate connection to Pike County area businesses for the past 10 years.


Erica assists in coordinating and planning business events such as the Career Fairs and Business Summit. She also manages the CAC FREE Income Tax Preparation and Financial Literacy Programs, she has an Adult Education Teaching Permit from the State of Ohio Department of Education and is also the lead instructor for the Program’s Microsoft Excel Classes and Financial Literacy Classes.


Adam is the Business Development Specialist for the Workforce & Business Development Program at the Community Action Committee of Pike County. In addition to supporting local businesses with solutions to challenges and barriers, he works closely with Lisa Pfeifer and Erica Jones on building the Leadership Development Training Series that launched in the Workforce & Business Development Program in 2021 and is the lead instructor in these training sessions. He has an Adult Education Teaching Permit from the State of Ohio Department of Education. Adam has over 20 years of personal experience utilizing the principles and practices of building business throughout his career in management and leadership with corporate retail chains in the Ross County area. In addition, he has vast experience in marketing and advertising and event organization.

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